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News and artwork for the RETARD ABORTION soundtrack album:


When you purchase the short film as a digital download, you will also receive the mp3 soundtrack album as a free gift. Hans Bruno — who starred in the very first Evilflix movie, BIG JUNIOR — has contributed an original song titled “Lifeline.”

Release date info coming soon.

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First Production Meeting…


The heads of Evilflix, Scott Swan and Wayne Burgess, had their first production meeting late last night in Boca Raton, FL. for their upcoming projects.  The topic of the meeting: DREAM DATE and CONFESSIONS OF EVIL VOL 1, both set to shoot very soon in Florida. Here’s what they had to say while confronted outside a Denny’s restaurant…

Swan, known for his writing on the series Masters of Horror and for his collaboration with underground auteur Fred Vogel, said this…

SWAN: “CONFESSIONS has gone through a bit of metamorphosis so far, and it’s still evolving, but DREAM DATE is ready to shoot.”

BURGESS: “We are going through all of the sick and disgusting ideas that have been stacking up over the years, and it’s always somewhat difficult to pick the best one.  This this case, though, we’ve got two genuine winners on deck.”

SWAN: “We have intriguing central characters for both movies.  CONFESSIONS is an ensemble cast with a main character that is sort of like a host for the movie.  For DREAM DATE we have an appealing but repulsive lead character.  It’s really kind of awesome how cute and cuddly and absolutely disgusting DREAM DATE is.  There’s nothing else like it.  The development process for 2014 and 2015 has been full of surprises.”

On the subject of casting…

SWAN: “We discussed casting, but there’s a lot of work to be done before we put actors in front of a camera.”

Evilflix is now based in Florida.  Release dates on home video for DREAM DATE and CONFESSION OF EVIL are yet to be determined.