About Us

Meet SWAYNE, the brains behind EVILFLIX. Their groundbreaking 2010 movie BIG JUNIOR lead to them being banished from the state of California. By the way, you can buy this movie from the EvilFlix store right now! Their ejection from California lead to them establishing their next EvilFlix office in Florida. Their controversial RETARD shorts (RETARD ABORTION and RETARD 2) earned them both keys to the city, presented to them by the Mayor of Tampa in a glitzy gala ceremony. Currently they are in post production on their next feature, EAT IT ALL. Shot in Daytona, this film will show their more serious side as they take on the issues of violence and eating disorders.

Wayne Burgess (left) is a part time male stripper and puts circus peanuts in his rectum. Scott Swan (right) gains weight and loves STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.