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Evilflix, a creative movie company known for pushing boundaries, is looking for talented individuals to come aboard and create new material. The company is preparing to streamline their processes and grow considerably in the next two years.

“This is a time of renaissance,” co-founder Scott Swan said. “In the past, we’ve been very slow at getting our new products completed and to market, but we’re entering a new age.  It’s extremely exciting the way our pipeline is about to explode and we need creative, talented, like minded people to come and join in the rebirth.”

“In the past our slow pace has been a real stumbling block,” Swan’s partner Wayne Burgess admits. “But the changes we’ve recently implemented at Evilflix are expansive and exciting.  We’re looking right now at realistically completing all our backlogged as well as two new projects by the end of 2016.  And then 2017 will be even more accelerated. This new model of movie making that we’ve embraced is truly breathtaking.”

Anyone interested to take part in this revolution of underground cinema should get in touch with Swan and Burgess at and let them know what you what can do to add to the growing company.

This is truly exciting news indeed.  For all fans of low budget, gritty horror, this will no doubt prove to be a period of freakish rejoicing.